Mustang Craftsmen is a full service Shelby and Mustang restoration shop located in Mid-Michigan.

We are a family owned Mustang restoration shop where we perform minor repairs and cosmetic upgrades to complete rotisserie concours Mustang restoration including drivetrain, body, paint, electrical, and interior. We offer all of these services at a one stop location.

Our reputation for body and paint is second to none and has won many trophys and awards.

Our primary Mustang restoration services include:

  • Media blasting
  • Rotisserie restoration
  • Complete restorations or partial work
  • Award winning paint and body work
  • Collision, rust, and, structural repairs
  • Drivetrain rebuilding and detailing
  • Rack and pinon, 5 speed, disc brake, digit dash, and other upgrades
  • Concours Mustang restoration

We have a true passion for classic Mustangs and have been in the Mustang restoration business for over 40 years. It is a family owned shop and we work on clients' cars as well as our own collection. Each car is custom restored according to the owners input every step of the way.

Pickup and delivery is available in an enclosed trailer.

Our customers come from all over the country. Our primary area is Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Ontario.

We also offer paint, body, and collision work on all classic cars.

Mustang Craftsmen - Completed Project

Mustang Craftsmen - Completed Project

Mustang Craftsmen - Assempbly Area

Mustang Craftsmen
2211 South Fordney Road
Hemlock, Michigan 48626

Phone: +1-989-860-3948